"Design Core Lab" is an agency specializing in the corporate identity, website, cloud service, programming and etc. Based in the Azerbaijan, their strength lines in the easy access for working with caucasian companies. DCL strives for excellence not only in the competitiveness and caliber of their products, but in their customer service as well.

My brand proposal set out to position "Design Core Lab" as a prestigious international agency that sets high standards for quality while maintaining a special human touch in all their proceedings. The classic clean lines and geometric shapes of the logo sets the brand up as professional, simple and honest. The different variations of one logo describes the agency as the different type of works that they do. 

The color palette is both modern and classic, the white&black colors includes all possible colors in the digital and physical world inside of them. These colors is a symbol of design in my project. The white color has all colors in RGB color mode when the black color has same in CMYK color mode. The sans-serif font family SF Display is set over clean and simple modern grid layouts to provide clarity and professionalism.

Orkhan Salahov 

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