The logo of the project
The logo for the "Colors of Karabakh" paintings event is a vibrant and symbolic representation of the themes and aspirations of the event. It features three distinct, organically shaped forms in red, blue, and green, each associated with a key element of the event's focus: Art, Revival, and Culture.

Art (Red)
The red shape symbolizes "Art," capturing the passion, creativity, and energy that art brings to the Karabakh region. Red is often associated with strong emotions and vitality, reflecting the dynamic and expressive nature of the artistic endeavors showcased in the event. It represents the artistic spirit that drives the creation and appreciation of visual arts in Karabakh.

Revival (Blue)
The blue shape stands for "Revival," representing the hope, renewal, and rejuvenation of Karabakh. Blue is a color often linked to tranquility and stability, suggesting a peaceful and promising future. This aspect of the logo highlights the ongoing efforts to restore and revitalize the region, emphasizing the role of art in fostering a sense of renewal and positive change.

Culture (Green)
The green shape signifies "Culture," embodying the rich cultural heritage and traditions of Karabakh. Green is associated with growth, harmony, and the natural world, indicating a deep connection to the land and its cultural roots. This component of the logo underscores the importance of preserving and celebrating the unique cultural identity of Karabakh through artistic expressions.

Overall Design
The interconnectedness of the shapes illustrates the interplay between art, revival, and culture, showing how these elements are intertwined and collectively contribute to the identity and future of Karabakh. The minimalistic and modern design of the logo reflects a forward-looking perspective, aligning with the contemporary approach to showcasing traditional and modern art forms.
In summary, the "Colors of Karabakh" logo effectively encapsulates the essence of the event, conveying a message of artistic expression, cultural celebration, and hopeful renewal for the Karabakh region.

The project features 23 talented young artists and sculptors from the Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts, presenting 19 paintings and 4 sculptures that embody the spirit of Karabakh.

These artworks celebrate the region's majestic victory, hopeful future, and resilient soul, capturing Karabakh's enchanting and diverse nature, silent stories of historical monuments, vibrant cultural heritage, and the indomitable spirit of its people.

Believing in the transformative power of art, these young creators transcend traditional boundaries, offering profound insights and reflections through their work. The pieces evoke a range of emotions, symbolizing a hopeful, bright future for Karabakh, and a collective vision of revival and prosperity.

Using oil and acrylic paints, as well as clay, the artists create a compelling dialogue between echoes of the past and whispers of the future. The artworks visually represent the peace and joy that define Karabakh, pulsating with the region's vibrant heart.

The colorful shades and dynamic forms in these pieces will leave a lasting impression, reaffirming Karabakh's significance to the Azerbaijani people. Inspired by immense love for the land, some of these artworks are already available for purchase, with the remaining pieces to be auctioned at a special charity gala. Proceeds will support the Karabakh Revival Fund, specifically the restoration of Panah Ali Khan's Imarat complex in Agdam, currently funded by the Fund.

Ultimately, the greatest value of these lovingly created artworks lies in their contribution to the restoration of liberated territories, making each piece a symbol of Karabakh's revival and the deep love for the homeland.

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