In 2022, in Azerbaijan, a concerning trend emerged where girls under 18 became mothers to 2,011 babies due to early, often forced marriages. This prevented many girls from pursuing their dreams, such as education, arts and sports. Only a small fraction (15 out of 100) of athletes in Azerbaijan were girls, and even in a famous sport like judo. out of 16.867 athletes. only 1.067 (6%) were girls.

To address this issue, the "White Suits Girls" initiative was launched, focusing on empowering girls through sports and combating early marriage. Instead of traditional white wedding dresses, the campaign promoted white judo uniforms, symbolizing opportunities for girls to chase their dreams and avoid early marriages. The initiative provided 1000 judogis for girls aged 7-14 interested in judo, offering them free training for a month. A compelling short film based on real stories was created to raise awareness, and the campaign strategically targeted regions with high instances of early marriages. Additionally. they reached out to "Azercell" users with 2 million SMS messages, expanding the campaign's reach
The "White Suits Girls" initiative had a significant impact, garnering widespread support and enthusiasm from the community. This initiative successfully used white judo uniforms as a symbol of empowerment, with famous individuals and stars encouraging girls to participate. The campaign's short film reached millions, increasing awareness and engagement, leading to a remarkable doubling of girls participating in judo within a month.

Executive Creative Director: Orkhan Kerimov 
Project Director: Farhad Shabanov 
Account Director: Rabiyat Heydarli 
Chief of Copywriting: Sabina Rustamli 
Digital Group Head: Mushfig Shiraliyev 
Head of Design: Ramin Farzullayev 
Digital Marketing Manager: Sahila Zeynal 
Copywriter: Farid Asgerov 
Designer: Anar Abasov 
Motion Designer: Murad Mamedov 
UX/UI Designer: Orkhan Salahov
Developer: Kamran Baylarov 
Director: Elkhan Jafarov 
Producer: Rashad Karimli 
Director of photography: Rauf Gurbanaliyev
Behance presentation: Orkhan Salahov

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